Trip #2: South America



We were on a 3-day tour in the Amazonian forest with our guide Henry. We rolled down the river with the canoe floating so smoothly down the river that I thought I was in the clouds, when something hit the hull of the boat. It was the bank of the river we had finally arrived. Hearing the monkeys screaming and the water drops falling from leaf to leaf, I wasn't looking where I was stepping and I tripped over a root. I was scared because the day before a black snake had opened his mouth to my mom to tell her to back up. We prepared our fishing equipment and started to fish, when something terrible happened...

"Quick! Run, run Amic!!!" said the guide.

We were fishing on a lagoon, on a tree that leaned over the lake. Henry had caught 2 big piranhas and 3 little ones, he was going for his 6th fish. I saw something in the water moving, I got a bit closer to take a better look at it, and it moved again. I told myself it must be a fish. I'd forgotten that there were snakes sometimes. Then it came up to the surface, I saw it, it was like 1 meter 60. I started getting scared a bit. I got closer to the guide and told him there's something strange in the water. I couldn't keep my eyes off the water not knowing what it was, I didn't know why I was trembling. It came up to the surface again. I felt it angry.

Then, suddenly the fisherman screamed and said “Get out and run for your life Amic!”. In fact, Henry thought it was a snake, a big one, a boa. I quickly tried to get off the trunk but it was tough. Walking as fast as I could, telling myself " if you fall you’re dead, eaten by the boa. " It all depended on my life. My heart was beating faster than you can imagine, I even felt drops of sweat rolling down my face. I finally got to land. The guide then said “It’s not a boa, it’s an electric fish” . Wait, wait do you imagine that thing can have 800 volts, that's about 7 times a plug in U.S.A !!! It can kill you just by touching it. But, he wanted to catch it to make us try it, to eat it, to taste it...What a creepy idea !

So Henry put his hook in the water and "snap", the electric fish was caught. He pulled it out of the water, it was giant. I had never seen one before. Then he explained that it was an angry electric fish that wanted to attack me because we were in his territory.

After a while, the guide chopped its head off with a big machete, then blood started rolling down to the ground. It was gross! After a minute there was already a million bugs sucking the blood. A bit later, he told us there was no more electricity in the fish. Henry also said that Boas can jump from 5 meters to 10 meters long, it could have easily eaten me.

The day after, we ate it for breakfast and it was not very good. It felt like jelly and had a really, really weird taste.

That day I will never forget it, I had the creeps of my life. If you like adventure, animals, mysteries, and plants take your flight to Puyo, take a canoe and discover the Amazonian forest. Trust me you won't be disappointed!


I almost got killed by an electric fish!!!

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