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What is it about? It's a family show of about 30 minutes where each one of us plays a role. It is done with children and rather for a public of children. The performance combines dance, song, accordion, magic, acrobatics, theater, circus ... and deals with the theme of travel and meeting people. For the first presentation, it was necessary to find a show name for the flyers. It will be, "Viaje de Encuentros"! (= a journey of meetings). We could also call it "La Maleta" (= the suitcase), because this one plays a preponderant role in the story. We wrote and created the show ourselves, all along the road during our road trip in North America. We started from everyone's desires and skills. An (excellent) Quebecer director, Mathilde Lagabrielle, helped us in Montreal to improve our acting game.

Thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, we were able to finance this professional help and to buy some equipment. Thanks again to the many generous donors!

A surprise is coming soon ….

The interesting thing is that the show, leaving room for improvisation, is evolutive. It is very accessible to all kind of kids. It can be played in, but outside it is better. There are very few words, so everyone can understand it. It is mainly played in Spanish, but it can be done in English and French as well. An international show in a way. The more we play it, the more confidence we have and the greater the pleasure! Like any stage performance, there is a little bit of stress. It teaches us to surpass ourselves. We played it in the street, but strangely it is less impressive to present it in front of strangers. The kids enjoyed the experience and passed after with the hat All the money was for them. The goal is not to make money but to share something (an emotion, a cultural project ..), create an exchange, a meeting with the public. And it works !! For the moment, we have presented our family show 6 times. In fact, really 5 times because once, in Cusco, as you will discover, this ended in failure.

Show # 1: October 16th, 2018, in Porongo (near Santa Cruz, Bolivia) to the "Orilla" The Very First Time: Come on guys, let's go! La Orilla de Porongo is a restaurant / camping / host, run by Stéphane and Violaine, a French family settled in Bolivia for almost 5 years, with their two sons Ilan and Esteban. Every Tuesday afternoon, they invite the children of Porongo to play together and enjoy their infrastructure (a natural pool, volleyball field, boccia ..). A cultural and educational mission that is important to them. They also organize afternoons games, film projections and have opened their own library where children can borrow books. We presented our show for the first time, during one of these Tuesdays, in front of twenty children plus some adults. Of course, for the first one, we had a little bit of pressure. There were some failures, but the show seemed to have been appreciated. The place and the context were perfect for getting started. Thank you very much Stéphane and Violaine for the welcome and thank you for giving us confidence by benevolent feedback during the final rehearsal.

Show # 2: October 24th, in Copacabana, Bolivia, in the central square of the village In the street, dare or not dare! We decided to play on the Plaza 2nd Febrero, a beautiful square, right in front of a big kiosk. Ready to play in the street, in front of the passers-by, for real! More than sixty spectators marched. In the middle of the show, many high school students stopped because it corresponded to the end of the classes of the nearby high school. Not even done on purpose! At the end, we passed with the hat for tips. The children earned 65 bolivianos (the equivalent of 10 dollars, but that's already a lot here). So happy! Several people asked to take pictures with us. It was quite unexpected because we are not stars (not yet..), but why not. All of us felt the motivation to replay in the street because the exercise was rather fun finally ....

Show # 3: October 30, in Cusco, Peru on San Blas Square Sometimes, nothing to do, it doesn’t want to ! Once again, a great place to play. A very beautiful square, very busy, right next to a fountain and a beautiful church. It is important to find a nice place where you feel good to make it happen !! And above all, our hostel is located only 200m further ... The costumes are put, the girls have their makeup. We set all our decor, finalize some last minute settings and wait for Emilie, a French girlfriend that we met several times since Bolivia. Instead, it is a police officer who shows up ... .. He tells us that it is forbidden to play on this place because it requires a municipal authorization and he can not let us play because there are cameras everywhere. We knew it for the Plaza de Armas and other more central squares in Cusco, but we did not know we needed permission for this one. Seeing our disappointment, he offers us to play on another small square not far (the Mirador) where some tourists like to venture. The officer thinks it shouldn’t be a problem. We arrange everything, go up to the mirador place. It is sublime, we dominate Cusco but there is no crowd at all. We meet a guard who tells us that here too, it is not possible to play without a municipal permission. There are also cameras that scan the place. Definitely, Cusco is a citadel too well guarded for us, we give up. A little disappointed and at the same time relieved. It takes a lot of energy to get on stage, so when it can not be done, it's easier in fact!

Show # 4: November 6th, near Guayabo (30 km from Lima), Peru to the orphanage "Villa Martha" This one's for you…. "Villa Martha" is an orphanage where the sisters of Point Coeur, whom we visited, often go. More than a hundred children from 2 to 13 years are welcomed here, some are abandoned and others still see their parents during the weekend. It was a real honor and a real pleasure to play our show for them. To bring an animation to an orphanage, to share emotions, to jostle a little for children in need, our project took all its sense. The sisters told us that it is important for these children, even if it is difficult for them, to see children with parents, to see a family all together. Touching! We played outside, in good conditions, in front of 70-80 children, plus a dozen adults and a dog. The performance was after school, but the audience was very receptive. We saw a lot of smiles, a lot of joy. After the show, the children could try the accordion, diabolos, juggling balls ... As always, Amic was integrated into a football game. While Meline was playing volleyball. Naia was the big sister with a 4-year-old, Cathy, whom she had become fond of. Then we organized games with those who wanted (Sparrowhawk, 1-2-3 Sun, Tag ...). The children asked ours to write their names on their arm, then vice versa (reciprocal autographs). After a few hours, we had to leave. A bit sad in a way, but very happy of this moment of sharing.

Show # 5: November 7th, in Lurin (30 km from Lima), Peru to the orphanage "Rayo de Luz" A little haven of peace. This orphanage is also a place that the sisters of Point Coeur know well. It is run by an Italian Catholic organization and a italo-croatian family who has been living here for a long time is taking care of it. The hosting center welcomes about fifty children from 2 to 18 years and it emits a peace, a serenity and a lot of benevolence. Former orphaned children have remained and have become educators, so many young volunteers work here. The children are very surrounded and we feel a lot of positive vibes. We played the show in front of about 25 children from 3 to 12 years old and about ten adults. Middle school and high school students haven’t returned from school yet. The conditions were once again ideal; children sitting on small bleachers, great sun, receptive and respectful audience ... we were even more comfortable, leaving more room for improvisation. After the show, the children played with the diabolos, we explained some magic tricks, Amic was still integrated in a new soccer game. Then all went to get a shower and dress well in their respective rooms, to meet for the Wednesday Mass, to which we were also invited.

Show # 6: November 29th, near Puyo, Ecuador in the school of the Quechua community "Las Vencedores" No pressure! This Quechua community is very close to PorVenir village where we volunteered at Henry, Marcolina and Geronimo’s house. Indeed, in the morning from 8:30am with our bags and suitcases, we walked 15 min by small roads facing the rain and mud to get to the hamlet Las Vencedores (= the winners). We played in a small activity room that also serves them as a playground when it rains, in front of twenty students from 6 to 10 years. Because of the weather conditions, the early hour, the fact that the representation was decided the night before ... we had much less pressure. And this has been beneficial because finally we had fun as much (or even more) and it is also an opportunity each time to try new things, to interact differently with the audience who laughed a lot throughout the show. A Czechoslovakian family (Lucie, Anna and Yann) who also spent the night in the same community was able to enjoy the show and gave us feedback on our project that touched us a lot. The teacher also thanked us a lot and confessed that it was the first time a show was given in the school. This time, we did not stay to play with the children after because a long day was ahead of us, and also the children had to go back to school ...

We still have a month and a half left, and we hope to play the show a few more times. Thank you again to everyone who helped and supported us.

In particular, the ones who participated to our crowdfunding campaign:

Jean Dujardin, Lia Besset, Don Diego De le Vega, Agnès Barbier, Fantin Curtet, Mathilde Dalon and Jeasic, Nath et Laurent Schwoerer, Richard Guyot and Sandrine Labruyere, Lulu and Benoit Marjollet, Delphilo Bristiel, Miki Jensen, Alex and Alexia Mur, Marie and Damien Farret, Cécile and Fred Cassan, Mag and Erwan Faure, Therese and Jim Powers, Ellen and Paul Peixoto, Nahoé Curtet, Steph Mass and Fab Salab, Alex and Rouby Yacoub, Marion and Malou, Jean Pull, Cacou and Tullio Rizzato, Nadia Canderan and Manu Seraille, Marielle and Pierre Cazenave, Hélène Roux, Mani Dalon, Romain Vanpeene and Sandra Quintin, Stéphanie Ray, Christel and Roland Dalon, Hélène Marchand, Isabelle West, Berengere and Benoit Riffaud, Denden Alcantara, Stephanie Widmer and Jean Bono, Marie-Maud and Romain Freton, Mehrnia Family, Anne-Sophie and Jean-Francois Gueguen, Paula and Julien Zigliara, Gladys Venturelli, Christophe and Fabienne Louis, Cécile and Jean-Philippe Boutier, Lisouche Bernard and Cyr Rajon, Jack Aacker, Claudine Parloff and Roger, Marc and Colette Besset, Audrey Poirette, Cathy Mur, Mallory and Teddy Millot, Bénédicte and Michael Faure, Matthieu B7 & co, Seb and Cathy Gautier, Javier Bernal, Valerie Xiberras, Myriam and Fabrice Meunier, Axelle and Gerry Sandt, Tilda and Patrick Benyacar, Francoise and Michel Bouyneau, Su Nguyen, Jean Friedman, BDG and Fabienne, Delcros family, Dexter Peixoto, Agnès et Nono Chazotte, Mike X, Bernard and Geneu Palazy, Lionel Subra and Cathy Ronchini, Peixoto Again

Hope we are not forgetting anyone...


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